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Practical book-based resources, worksheets, and guides that empower you to navigate your customer success goals.


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  • The Seven Pillars of Customer Success Intro

    The introduction of the The Seven Pillars of Customer Success book in PDF format.

  • Prioritization Tips

    A guide to help you navigate the importance and urgency of your tasks

  • Risk Categories

    A guide for identifying key metrics and indicators to risk categories

  • Customer Journey Map

    A simplified example of a customer journey map

  • Segmentation Models

    Examples of a traditional segmentation model and a modern segmentation model

  • Customer Success Toolbox

    A list and description of tools used to deliver quality customer success

  • 7 Pillars Overview

    A quick overview of the 7 pillars of customer success

  • All Resources

    A complete collection of the resources offered on this page.


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