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Whose insight do you rely on for success?

As a customer success leader, your field is still maturing, yet your profession is one of the fastest growing in the world. There are tons of books and blogs written by success professionals sharing their experiences and strategies, but how do you know what will work for your specific situation? Whose advice is the expertise you can trust?

To create a culture of customer success and stand out in the marketplace, you need a proven framework and knowledgeable perspective.

Wayne McCulloch has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry—years spent in training, adoption, and customer experience, the building blocks for customer success. Now he’s sharing what he knows as a chief customer officer leading global success functions. In The Seven Pillars of Customer Success, Wayne provides an adaptable framework for building a strong customer success organization.


From customer journey actions to the development of transformation advisors, you’ll read detailed examples of how companies have put these seven pillars to the test. To create a culture of customer success and stand out in the marketplace, you need a proven framework and knowledgeable perspective—this book provides both, and more.

"Customer success is a complex and fairly new discipline, but for SaaS companies that want to build an organization (and service) that lasts, it is critical. In his book, The Seven Pillars of Customer Success, Wayne explains the tools every customer success manager needs to have in their toolbox and how to use them throughout the entire customer journey. Witty, clever, and sharp, Wayne explains the customer success function so clearly that even someone with little to no customer success experience will be able to understand it. Everyone in customer success should read this book."


—  Nick Mehta, Chief Executive Officer at Gainsight



Meet the Author

One of the world's leading customer success experts and a Top 100 Customer Success Strategist, Wayne McCulloch works with Google Cloud's entire SaaS portfolio as the Customer Success Leader. He's a keynote speaker and the recipient of multiple industry awards with more than twenty-five years of experience in customer-focused roles.


Wayne began his software career at PeopleSoft and Vignette before becoming an SVP at Salesforce, the Chief Customer Officer at Kony, Inc., and the VP of the Customer Success Group at Looker.

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Online Resources

Get access to the entire collection of graphics in the book illustrating key points in customer success.

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