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training on the customer success pillars


Whether you come from sales, consulting, education, support or somewhere outside of software, becoming a customer success professional is a dream many people are realizing everyday.  

Those who are currently CSM’s know that this job is not a one size fits all! Just ask the CSM who used to work with SaaS solutions and now works with Consumption solutions like Google Cloud, AWS or Azure.


The first step on any CS learning journey is to learn a proven framework that drives impactful client outcomes for your company.  Regardless of whether you are a CSM, or in CS operations, a CS leader or someone looking to make the move into customer success, understanding the key pillars of a great Customer Success function is needed first before you learn how to be great in your CS role. 


Introducing Customer Success Pillars Fundamentals - the first training course anyone in, or looking to be in customer success should start their Success journey. Based on the best selling book, The Seven Pillars of Customer Success, this training course will deliver everything you need to know about how and why a customer success function works.  Then, using this framework, understand how you can execute your role most effectively by leveraging examples, best practices, downloadable reference assets and more. 

Join CSM’s from over 60+ countries that have already taken the Customer Success Pillars Fundamentals training and changed their impact as a CS professional for their own company and their customers


Completing the Customer Success Pillars Fundamentals course earns you a valuable credential.  A credential that is globally recognized by Chief Customer Officers, VP’s of customer success and a myriad of other executives at top companies around the world.  Come join customer success professionals in over 60+ countries around the world with a credential that shows your serious about a career in Customer Success.


Multiple levels of membership to suit your current needs. Customer Success Pillars membership gives you access to exclusive content for your customer success journey.

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